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Where to go in Europe in Autumn?

As the summer in Europe passes and the nights start drawing in again, this is the time of year when we always begin planning our next set of adventures!

This summer saw us celebrate a family wedding in the beautiful wine region of the Loire Valley in France and also celebrate Alex reaching his 30th country landmark on our wedding anniversary in Bucharest!

So now the focus is to get us both to our target of 30 countries by 30 which means at least 5 new countries in the next 18 months! It’s going to be fun counting them down that’s for sure.

Where to next?

To finish off the year we thought we’d look for a couple of city breaks. One in the autumn and one Christmas market break which is becoming a bit of a fun tradition for us in recent years.

The only problem is, since we’ve now visited most of the major European countries we definitely have to get a bit more creative when we’re looking for short haul city breaks. Especially if we want to get a new country in! So the question is where to go in Europe in autumn?

After much deliberating we’ve decided to settle on the Swedish capital Stockholm for this year and are really excited to explore the city and discover some of what Sweden has to offer.

The last time we ventured to Scandinavia was to Copenhagen but that was in February which really is the height of winter in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely loved our time in Copenhagen, but you really need to be wrapped up warm at that time of year. I think we will go back in the summer one day to see a different side to the city.

Wintery snowy scene

Fair weather explorers

Anyway, back to our autumn break to Stockholm… If, like us, your idea of a city break is to explore as much you can on foot, then a slightly warmer temperature does make a difference. So this time we thought we’d try going to the region in autumn when winter is not yet in full swing.

As much as I do enjoy hopping from one coffee shop to another, hopefully we can maximize exploring outside this time!

Have you been to Stockholm before? What’s your favourite thing to do there? Let us know in the comments!

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