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What does Holiday Mean to You?

Holiday. It means something different to everyone, right? Whether you opt for the beach, a city, or even a staycation, everyone has their own holiday thing.

When I was younger I went on a holiday to Mexico with my family. I was so excited in the run up to it, thinking about all the things I could possibly do in this far flung destination.

But when we got there, all my family were interested in doing was chilling out, enjoying the sun and going for the occasional dip. I was so bored! Why have we come all this way to not even taste the local food, meet the local people and explore the culture? It was truly beyond me.

Now, being an adult working approximately 50 hour weeks (on a good week) I totally see the appeal of settling down with a good book, soaking in some vitamin D and taking some time to recharge those batteries.

Could I do it for every trip? No, definitely not. But being a teacher affords me the luxury of having time off to take more than one holiday in a year. So back to that original question: ‘what does ‘holiday’ mean to me?’

A few things pop to mind: discovering a new place, beaches and sunshine, relaxation, culture, fun and excitement.

I love planning for a new trip, trying to find the next place I want to visit and the best flight and hotel deals. I know some people can’t think of anything worse than planning! But when I’ve got nothing else to do I’ll happily sit and look at flight costs or potential hotels and make a note of any that I like the sound of for future trips.

So many of our travels have come from my random evening searches: Thailand, Dominican Republic, Miami and Jamaica to name a few. In retrospect, actually most of our trips have resulted from my random searches!!

My favourite thing to do when visiting a new place is to just explore. Whether that be on foot, by bike or public transport. There really is no better way to get stuck in to a new place than by getting lost on narrow winding streets or on the local bus network. That, coupled with a little bit of relaxation, gives the perfect mixture to make any Rambling Traveller a very happy bunny indeed.

Now, all this talk of holiday means its time to plan the next adventure…

What does holiday mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!

The Rambling Travellers

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  • Felix

    Hello there nice article and to answer your question Holidays for me means spend quality time with my wife and kids, spend time together and visit relatives that we dont see that much. it is time to relax and recharge batteries, even for me is a busy time because I am in the coffee business and this time of the yaer is the picking season so I have a busy holiday, but I love it.

    • The Rambling Travellers

      Hi there! Thank you for visiting us at The Rambling Travellers 🙂 your holidays sound perfect – a time to catch up on some much needed quality time! Have you got any holidays coming up?

      The Rambling Travellers

  • Alice A.

    Let’s face it, words today could mean different things to different people. The word vacation for instance means something different to everyone. For people who have been working hard all their lives, vacation could mean “just chilling out and enjoying the sunset or the view.” 

    I am currently based overseas and I only get to see my family once a year so vacation for me means two things: 1) breaking away from my 9-5 job, going home to my native land to be with my family and spending quality time with them; and 2) staying at home, in front of my computer working on my website.

    I wish I could also visit other places too and explore, that would be an awesome vacation!

    • The Rambling Travellers

      Hi there! Thank you for visiting our site 🙂 You’re right, it really does open up discussion as everyone has a different perception of how they want to spend their time. I totally understand – if you don’t see family often, it makes sense to spend your vacation visiting them and getting that much needed quality time! Have you thought about possibly meeting your family somewhere else so you can get that time to catch-up whilst visiting somewhere new? We live away from some members of our family and have found this is a great way to spend quality time together – it’s now actually become a tradition of ours!

      The Rambling Travellers

  • Kuu

    What does Holiday Mean to You? is a really interesting question to ask ourselves once in a while. To me personally, holiday means going to a different locations than I normally go and try to have a peace of mind. This way it’s gives me the opportunity to relax and explore things I have never done before. 

    This may include trying new food in that location, meeting new people and doing the kind of activities they do in the area. This is essential because it helps to expand my imagination and mind. On top of that, it gives me new ideas and see the world in a different perspective. Thanks for sharing your holiday experience with us. It was lovely reading it. 

    • The Rambling Travellers

      Hi there! Thank you for checking out our site. I’m glad you enjoyed our article – it sounds like we have a very similar idea of what we enjoy doing whilst exploring a new place! Have you got any exciting trips coming up?

      The Rambling Travellers

  • Huy

    Ha this is great because I vividly remember being bored when I was little going places with my family on our trips, but as I have grown up it I really do just enjoy some downtime where I can relax and crack a book open, or listen to music. But one of my favorite things to do is work on any of my hobbies whether that be working on my car, or building something in the garage, those are the times I feel the most relaxed even if that hobbie might be labor intensive. 

    • The Rambling Travellers

      Hi there! We’re glad you enjoyed our post and thank you for sharing your experience! 

      I love the idea that holiday to you means working on your hobbies because it relaxes you – sounds great! 

      The Rambling Travellers

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