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    10 Photos to Inspire you to Visit the Loire Valley

    Tours is the largest city located in the Loire Valley making it the perfect base for exploring the region. The Loire Valley is famous for many things including the beautiful chateau and of course wine, making it the perfect destination for all sorts of travellers; families to foodies and everyone in between are sure to find something they love about this region.

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    What does Holiday Mean to You?

    Holiday. It means something different to everyone, right? Whether you opt for the beach, a city, or even a staycation, everyone has their own holiday thing. When I was younger I went on a holiday to Mexico with my family. I was so excited in the run up to it, thinking about all the things I could possibly do in this far flung destination. But when we got there, all my family were interested in doing was chilling out, enjoying the sun and going for the occasional dip. I was so bored! Why have we come all this way to not even taste the local food, meet the local people…

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    Where to go in Europe in Autumn?

    As the summer in Europe passes and the nights start drawing in again, this is the time of year when we always begin planning our next set of adventures! This summer saw us celebrate a family wedding in the beautiful wine region of the Loire Valley in France and also celebrate Alex reaching his 30th country landmark on our wedding anniversary in Bucharest! So now the focus is to get us both to our target of 30 countries by 30 which means at least 5 new countries in the next 18 months! It’s going to be fun counting them down that’s for sure.

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    10 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Saint Lucia

    Take a look at our ten photos below – Saint Lucia is definitely somewhere to add to your bucket list!   The Caribbean is comprised of over 7000 individual islands, so picking one for your next trip can certainly be a tricky task. Saint Lucia, with its beautiful turquoise waters, soft sand beaches and epic scenery is definitely a top contender. The majestic Pitons make Saint Lucia one of the most recognisable coastlines in the Caribbean and the rugged mountains will absolutely take your breath away, a view you will not tire of seeing. Located close to the equator, the weather in Saint Lucia rotates between two seasons: the dry…

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    10 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Mauritius

    Take a look at our ten photos below – Mauritius is definitely a location to add to your bucket list! A beautiful jewel located in the Indian Ocean with turquoise waters, powder-white sand and luxury hotels makes Mauritius the perfect destination for that special holiday. We visited for our honeymoon and the charm of the islands’ culture and people coupled with its sheer beauty made for a truly unforgettable experience. Located in the southern hemisphere, Mauritius only has two seasons; summer which runs from November to April, and winter from May to October. That being said, there isn’t much difference between the summer and winter months and you can comfortably…