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    Ultimate Relaxation in Montego Bay Jamaica

    Montego Bay Jamaica was the second part of our trip booked through Destinology (the first being Miami). We had booked into an amazing resort called Round Hill Hotel and Villas. It’s set on a hill side with lots of individual villas each with their own private pool. There is also a ‘main’ hotel building towards the bottom of the hill, right by the beach. Round Hill opened in 1953 and was a glamourous destination to global icons of the 50s and 60s. John F. Kennedy honeymooned at Round Hill. More recently, Ralph Lauren designed the rooms of the hotel and he also has his own private villa. Truly a luxurious destination! Our…

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    Staying in a Luxury Miami Hotel

    Miami and Jamaica was the very first of the luxury holidays we’d been on. We booked the trip through Destinology following a recommendation from my cousin and it really changed the way we do holidays. I haven’t quite worked out whether it’s for the best or worst (considering the impact on the old savings pot), although we have thoroughly enjoyed each of the more luxurious breaks we’ve had. This trip in July 2015 had 4 nights staying in a luxury Miami hotel and 8 in a fantastic resort in Jamaica. So we had the best of a city break and a more relaxed beach break all in one trip. We…

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    Honeymoon in Mauritius

    Honeymoon! We’d been in touch with a few travel agencies regarding our honeymoon in August 2016. We didn’t really have anywhere specific we were set on going and were open to suggestions. We ended up booking Mauritius through Turquoise Holidays who were amazing. They could not do enough for us which made our whole experience even more special. We stayed in two places in Mauritius: Lakaz Chamarel and LUX Le Morne. We had liked the idea of seeing two parts of the country so opted for something mountainous and something beach based to get the best of both worlds. Each hotel was completely different but both were amazing! Lakaz Chamarel…

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    Exploring Beautiful Budapest

    Presents or Holidays? We don’t ever buy each other presents. Not for our birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Some people think this is slightly odd but we prefer putting the money that we would have spent on gifts aside to do something which creates memories, usually a holiday. So for our first wedding anniversary in August 2017 we decided to take an extended city break to Budapest (country number 22 for me). We booked ourselves into an Airbnb which was a first for us as we’ve never stayed in one just the two of us before. The place was amazing and right in the middle of town allowing us to do…

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    All Inclusive Luxury in The Dominican Republic

    We visited the Dominican Republic in April of 2017. This was the first time we'd stayed in an all-inclusive resort. We've been a bit spoilt with some of the holidays and hotels we'd stayed in recently in Jamaica and Mauritius so were expecting the same calibre in the DR. The hotel itself was beautiful, set on an idyllic beach with white sand and beautiful crystal clear water. Perhaps not the best for swimming given it was quite choppy and there were a lot of boats out doing day trips, but amazing for an early morning and/or late afternoon run/walk.

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    Chillin’ in Copenhagen

    We visited Copenhagen in February so naturally it was very cold. This was my first time going on holiday to a cold destination. We don’t tend to go away in the winter but we managed to get flights for an absolute bargain. It also helped that we were able to use the money collected in our special globe money box which we use to save for city breaks! We arrived in Copenhagen quite late so we made our way to the hotel to find somewhere for a spot of dinner and to explore the local area. The hotel we stayed in was called Hotel Kong Arthur which is located right…