• View of a canal in central Amsterdam
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    48 Hours in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is famous for many things: tulips, the red light district, canals and bikes are just a few that spring straight to mind. It is such a great city with so much to see and do. Here we have put together an itinerary which packs in our favourite sights and experiences Amsterdam has to offer in the space of 48 hours.

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    9 Travel Accessories to Make Your Travels Easier and More Comfortable

    Travelling can be fun, exciting and exhilarating. If you’re anything like me and hate actually getting to the destination, it can be frustrating, boring and uncomfortable. We’ve pulled together this list of top travel accessories for international travel to minimise the latter allowing you to make the most of the former. No more sore necks, disturbed movies or surprise costs at the airport. Read on to find out what our top travel accessories for men and women are. Toiletry Bottles For shorter flights where you may only be taking carry on luggage, it may not be possible to take your full size toiletries with you. Instead of spending extortionate amounts…

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    Staying at… LUX* Le Morne in Mauritius

    We decided to experience all of what Mauritius has to offer by staying in two wonderful hotels: one in the evergreen region of Chamarel and the other in the shadow of the famous Le Morne mountain. Here is our review of the latter, known as LUX* Le Morne, which we booked through The Turquoise Holiday Company. The Hotel In a stunning location between powder white beaches and the Le Morne Brabant Peak (a UNESCO world heritage site) is this beautiful hotel from LUX*. The idyllic setting on the south-west coast of the island means it has the most incredible sunsets and is the perfect spot for honeymooners, couples enjoying a…

  • A view of Prague from atop Petrin Hill
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    10 Tips for Travelling Around Europe

    So you’ve decided that your next destination is going to be Europe, perhaps you’ve already bought your ticket. There are so many cultures and languages in Europe, so many attractions to visit and memories to be made. To help make your planning a bit easier we’ve pulled together our top tips for making travelling around Europe as easy as possible. 1. Comfy shoes for walking Old streets made of cobbled stones are quite the norm throughout many European cities. This, coupled with all the exploring and walking you’re likely to be doing requires you to pack an essential item – some comfortable shoes! Trust us, your feet will thank you!…

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    How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

    We absolutely love going on holiday; exploring new cultures, tasting delicious food and meeting the local people. However, getting to a far-flung destination is definitely not something I look forward to! Let’s face it, travelling in anything other than economy is generally not an option for most people, certainly not for us. Although we do cheekily ask for an upgrade, we have never been successful so to the back of the plane we head. There have been some long-haul flights which have been ‘enjoyable’, but in general the flight isn’t something I look forward to. So I’ve pulled together some of the essentials I have in my hand luggage to…

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    3 Tips for Saving Money for a Holiday

    When planning a holiday the pennies can quickly add up and you can easily find yourself blowing the budget you had once set. This is especially the case if, like us, you’re restricted to taking your holiday during peak school holiday times. To combat this, we try and make saving money for a holiday as imaginative as we can so it never feels like a big hit on the bank account. Read on to find out our top tips for saving money towards your next adventure. Money Box We were given a globe shaped money box as a Christmas present one year and the note with it read ‘where will…

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    All Inclusive Luxury in Saint Lucia

    We’ve visited a couple of places in the Caribbean over the last few years and each trip has left us wanting to see more! So, when we had the opportunity to book another trip to the Caribbean, we needed something that could compare with Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and we think we found it on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Reconnecting at Rendezvous When it came to booking our accommodation, we returned to the trusty Turquoise Holidays who we had used to book our wonderful honeymoon in Mauritius. With their help we chose a beautiful couples only all inclusive luxury resort called Rendezvous which is located just outside…

  • Flat Iron building in Manhattan New York City
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    72 Hours in New York

    What are the first things that come to mind when you think of New York? For us it has to be; Central Park, the Empire State Building, an incredible skyline and of course cheesecake! New York is a city with so much to see and do that it was actually incredibly hard to fit it all into just 72 hours! So, apologies in advance if these three days are full to the rafters but trust us, it will be a trip you’ll never forget. New York is such an amazing city to experience on foot and our itinerary is tailored to make the best of this. So, pack some comfortable…

  • The colosseum in Rome
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    48 Hours in Rome

    When we think of Rome, we remember: the many bustling Piazza’s each with their own feel, delicious pizzeria’s and endless people watching; we remember the beautiful churches hidden in unassuming buildings in side streets; and we think of the Gelato that tastes better than anywhere else! Rome is such a monumental and romantic city thanks to its culturally rich history, impressive landmarks and delicious cuisine. It really is a city not to be missed. Here we have put together an itinerary which packs in our favourite sights and experiences that Rome has to offer in the space of 48 hours.

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    7 Reasons Why You Should Travel in a Group

    Holidaying on a group tour can be done for all budgets, destinations and durations imaginable. They can be the perfect way to combat not having a travel buddy or not wanting to spend all of your time planning an adventure. Doing a group tour was something that was always on my travel bucket list. Alex, however didn’t feel the same and at first, he struggled to see why we would want to spend our much-deserved holiday with a bunch of strangers! After some convincing we decided to give it a go and can honestly say that our trip to Thailand was one of the best holidays we’ve been on because…