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    What does Holiday Mean to You?

    Holiday. It means something different to everyone, right? Whether you opt for the beach, a city, or even a staycation, everyone has their own holiday thing. When I was younger I went on a holiday to Mexico with my family. I was so excited in the run up to it, thinking about all the things I could possibly do in this far flung destination. But when we got there, all my family were interested in doing was chilling out, enjoying the sun and going for the occasional dip. I was so bored! Why have we come all this way to not even taste the local food, meet the local people…

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    Where to go in Europe in Autumn?

    As the summer in Europe passes and the nights start drawing in again, this is the time of year when we always begin planning our next set of adventures! This summer saw us celebrate a family wedding in the beautiful wine region of the Loire Valley in France and also celebrate Alex reaching his 30th country landmark on our wedding anniversary in Bucharest! So now the focus is to get us both to our target of 30 countries by 30 which means at least 5 new countries in the next 18 months! It’s going to be fun counting them down that’s for sure.