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Hello! Welcome to The Rambling Travellers and thank you for checking out our site.

When I turned 25 I spent a bit of time reflecting on my life so far. Thinking about all the things I’d achieved and wanted to achieve, a bit of a quarter life crisis if you like! One thing I realised was that I love to travel yet I’d only ever been to 12 countries!

This was something that needed to change so we set ourselves a target to travel to 30 countries by the time we turn 30! We started this blog to document some of our travels as a personal ramble of our rambles around the world over the past few years. Some posts have been written retrospectively but we’ll continue to add to it over time as we embark on new adventures.

People travel for different reasons, we love to experience new cultures, meet people with a different perspective on life, create new memories and get some much needed R & R. Travel for you might mean something completely different!

We always have at least one trip booked and are also usually in the process of planning the next adventure after that! Our aim is to inspire you to see some more of the world and plan a trip, whether it be your first or your fiftieth, a huge adventure or a smaller break.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure as we aim to travel to 30 countries. We’re nearly there but I don’t see our desire for travel changing once we reach it!

Do get in touch if you’ve got some travel inspiration for us or just want to say hi! We can be found on Instagram at @the.rambling.travellers or on email via contact@theramblingtravellers.com

The Rambling Travellers

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