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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel in a Group

Holidaying on a group tour can be done for all budgets, destinations and durations imaginable. They can be the perfect way to combat not having a travel buddy or not wanting to spend all of your time planning an adventure.

Doing a group tour was something that was always on my travel bucket list. Alex, however didn’t feel the same and at first, he struggled to see why we would want to spend our much-deserved holiday with a bunch of strangers! After some convincing we decided to give it a go and can honestly say that our trip to Thailand was one of the best holidays we’ve been on because of the group tour.

If you think group tours aren’t for you then maybe we can persuade you otherwise! Group tours may not be for everyone’s tastes, but you definitely shouldn’t rule them out until you’ve considered the many reasons why a group tour can and will be a fantastic experience. We’ve used our experiences to put together 7 reasons why you should travel in a group on your next trip. Read on to find out more…

All your travel plans are taken care of by your tour provider meaning you can relax with a nice cold drink and soak in the scenery

1. The perfect introduction to travelling

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a group tour as an introduction to travelling: maybe you want to travel solo but don’t want to travel alone, perhaps you’ve never been on a big trip before or maybe you’re travelling somewhere which doesn’t immediately strike you as ‘travel friendly’. A group tour is the perfect remedy, helping you find your feet in a new destination so you can comfortably continue with the rest of your journey.

2. Takes away planning stress

Sometimes time seems to pass by so quickly and before you know it the summer is here and you never got around to planning that special trip. You might be really busy at work, daunted by the idea of where to start with planning a trip or just not really enthused by the idea of planning a trip at all. Whatever the reason may be, you might not be able to plan out your trip yourself. A group tour takes away those issues by having everything planned for you – all you would need to do is book the tour that sounds the most fun, tag on the flights and you’re good to go. Nice and easy.

Travel itineraries will be jam packed with fun and exciting things for you to experience. Make sure you do your research to pick the tours that will be best suited to what you’re looking for

3. Everything is taken care of

Being part of an organised tour will ease any of your potential worries. There’s no need to worry about accommodation, finding fun activities to do or working out how to get from place to place. It’ll all be taken care of. The group leaders will have conducted the tour countless times before. They will make sure you’re in the right place at the right time and be on hand to deal with any issues that may arise. What does that mean for you? Sit back, relax and make the most of the trip. Soak in the beautiful scenery, meet the friendly locals and most importantly have fun. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is actually doing that bungee jump you thought was a great idea! Whatever trip or activities you do, do so in the security of knowing that the group leader has you covered.

4. Meet people with a different perspective

Travelling for us is about getting outside of your comfort zone and seeing the world from a different perspective. There’s no better way to do that then when you’re on a group tour with people from all walks of life who will inevitably have different perspectives on the world to you. Meeting people from all over the world is a great experience that we couldn’t recommend enough. If you’re worried about breaking the ice, don’t be! Remember, you’re all on this tour because you share that one important thing in common – your love of travel.

Group leaders are experts in the local area so you’ll get the best out of each place you visit, whether it be epic views or the most delicious local cuisine

5. Fit in the best things in a short space of time

If you’re not lucky enough to have much time off work, or perhaps you want to travel to a particular continent or country for the first time, you’re going to want to make the most of your trip. This is where a group tour comes into its own as it will show you the best bits of a region within a short space of time. The tour guides know the best places to see, eat and drink and the itinerary is designed in a way that incorporates the best parts of the region, avoiding the expensive tourist traps. You’ll be able to tick loads off of your bucket list and perhaps explore some incredible places you didn’t even know existed. And if you do want to explore the more touristy places, no problem as most group tours have some free time incorporated into the itinerary.

6. Make friends for life

Making memories to last a lifetime with like-minded travellers day after day is a sure-fire way to make friends for life. You will always remember this trip, the crazy times you had and the people you spent it with. You may even want to continue the next part of your journey with your new friends or maybe you even want to plan your next adventure together… Yes, you might come from completely different parts of the world but think of that as a good thing – your next trip will be sorted as you can go and visit them!

Most group tours have some free time scheduled into the itinerary so you can explore the local area or set up camp on the beach and relax

7. Advice for onward travel

Like all good things, the group tour unfortunately must come to an end but that might not necessarily be the end of your trip. If the group tour was the start of a longer trip, perhaps a 6-12 month adventure, the tour leaders and your fellow travellers are the perfect people to help you with planning your onward travel. The group leaders are usually experts in the area having travelled around it extensively themselves. So don’t plan too much of your onward trip before you go and instead pick your group leader’s brains for their top recommendations for the remainder of your trip.

Have our 7 reasons why you should travel in a group helped you to make up your mind about group travel? Are you already considering doing a group tour? Leave us a comment below to let us know where you’re going! And if you’re looking to do a Thailand group tour like we did, then definitely check out Intro Travel! They have expanded since we went and now have group tours to Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The Rambling Travellers

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  • Taetske

    Good afternoon,

    I can fully agree with you on that traveling in a group takes most of the worries away. You can relax and enjoy while the tour guide organizes the technical things like hotels, bus, boat etc, local visiting of the important sites and the list goes on.
    You will find nice and like-minded people and sometimes you might even find a new friendship for life.
    Going in a group you will get an overall impression and then you can decide if you like to visit for a longer time on your own.
    I have been a tour guide myself when I did the Italy trip by bus in 1974, 2000 km in 1 week and visiting important cities like Assisi, Rom, Naples, Pompey, and Capri.
    Thank you for this informative article, it brought back some old memories.

    Regards, Taetske

    • The Rambling Travellers

      Hi there. Thanks for reading our article on why you should travel in a group. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Your days as a tour guide sound brilliant! I bet you got to see and do loads whilst visiting those cities. Italy is somewhere we would definitely like to explore more as we’ve only been to Rome so far.

      The Rambling Travellers

      • Taetske Guillaume

        Good evening,

        Thank you for your reply to my comment.
        After 5 years in Italy I moved to Spain and since 1976 I live in the south, the Costa del Sol. So if you should ever come to visit do not forget to let me know.

        Regards, Taetske

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